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On this occasion, I bring you this photo from my archive that shows a vertical view of the autumnal sun shining its rays trough branches of leafy trees located in the historical park of Turcianska Stiavnicka. I have taken this pho...
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Here is an outlook I enjoyed standing right on the top of the highest tower of the Strecno castle, looking downwards to the castle's fortifications and surrounding countryside. The village of Varin and the Vah river can be seen in...
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A late morning view taken against the sun, showing shore, yachts and the deep waters of the Orava reservoir, called "Oravska Priehrada" in Slovak language, located near the Namestovo town in the northernmost Slovakia; close to bor...
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While browsing my archive, I again bumped into various photos I have captured many years ago in the Lucky village, the municipality in Ruzomberok district, Liptov region, northern Slovakia. It is no doubt that those of you, my dea...
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Here is a telephoto wildlife view of wild boar in the mud that I took during my walks through the countryside in Liptov region, northern Slovakia. Wild pigs or wild boars belong to the family of Suidae and they fall under the genu...
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Above the clouds view of snow covered hills in Slovak High Tatras during the winter. The main peak on the most left side of this photo is called Kolovy peak, or Kolovy stit in Slovak language. It has an altitude of 2418 meters / 7...
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