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I simply don't have enough of mountains, so here I go again with my series of the panoramic views showing the majestic High Tatras, located in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. As you no doubt remember my previous travel tip here ...
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The mentions and the findings of the Orava castle date it all the way back to the year 1267. During this time, the castle only took up a small area of the land, which was made up of only a couple of buildings. All parts of the cas...
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It was a first snow of this year, this Thursday and I thought to myself that it wouldn't be a bad idea to capture such a short-lasting scenery on the photo. So, I took camera off the bag and captured this quick hand-held panorama ...
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Due to the large success when my post from yesterday's evening, showing this waterfall frozen with ice and snow reached more than 1000 Google +1es at my Google+ social account overnight, I decided to share with you also the summer...
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Location of the Lucky is a wide known for its spa houses and resorts founded back in the 18th century. As I already told, most water springs from the Lucky village are believed to have positive effects on various diseases, especia...
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