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This historical landmark is the late-Classicistic polygonal domed pool house build in the 1885. The town of Turcianske Teplice is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe; however prior to the year 1946 it was originally known as the...
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Three days ago, I purchased an amazing e-book about ways how to do a mineral photography. I read it with a great interest and now I am trying to apply in practice the knowledge that I have read in the book....
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On this photo you can see buildings of the Orava Castle known as the Upper castle. The Orava Castle is colloquially known to have the nickname "The Eagle’s Nest", because of how its highest and oldest part sits on a massive rock...
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As I already mentioned in my previous post from today's morning, I am spending the day browsing through my archive of digital photos that I have taken some time ago, preparing and editing them for final use. Here is again a pictur...
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It was a cold winter at that time and the location was frozen with ice; as you can see on this photo. However, the sun was shining bright, allowing a very good photography conditions, with the blue sky and brightly light sceneries...
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The village of Lucky is wide famous for its spa houses where women from all around of Slovakia as well as from nearby countries, and perhaps even from distant countries, go for various healing therapies, aimed on treatment of all ...
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The dominant peak shown on this photo is called the Kolovy peak and it has an impressive altitude of 2418 meters / 7933 feet above the sea-level. I have taken this photo during the February of a cold winter in 2008; standing at th...
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