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My Lowpoly 3D Models

This is a selection of my 3d models. I created these 3d models keeping in mind their smooth usage in most types of real-time computational environments. These low-polygonal 3d models are absolutely suitable for real-time 3d simulations, being certified as "GAME READY" 3d models. They are ideal for all sorts of real-time 3d engines, especially FPV 3d engines, such as computer and console games ruining FPV/FPP in 3d, or real-time virtual reality (VR) systems in a computer-simulated environments and other types of real-time applications. All textures are photography-based and are carefully prepared to match power of 2 pixel dimensions (2^x,2^y) for smooth usage with all types of graphic cards accelerating 3d in real-time.

Format: 3D Studio ( .3ds )
Vertices: 12,508 | Polygons: 8,904
Compressed file size: 3.65 MB
Date published: Oct 13, 2008
File name: f_house008.rar
Format: 3D Studio ( .3ds )
Vertices: 941 | Polygons: 1,066
Compressed file size: 653.07 KB
Date published: Jul 8, 2008
File name: Boat_02.rar
Format: 3D Studio ( .3ds )
Vertices: 3,104 | Polygons: 2,556
Compressed file size: 317 KB
Date published: May 14, 2006
File name: md_sto02.rar
Format: 3D Studio ( .3ds )
Vertices: 255 | Polygons: 240
Compressed file size: 739 KB
Date published: Sep 13, 2008
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