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My selfie :-) | I captured it using Olympus E-M5 (OM-D) -> M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm, Velbon CX 540 tripod and Pixel TW-282 wireless remote control
Primary camera: Since spring of 2012
[Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera]

  • Olympus E-M5 (OM-D)
    • Micro Four Thirds Lens:
      • [KIT Lens] M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 EZ
    • Flash:
      • [KIT Flash] FL-LM2
Secondary Camera: Since summer of 2006
[Four Thirds DSLR Camera]

  • Olympus E-500
    • Four Thirds Lenses:
      • [KIT Lens] Zuiko Digital 40-150mm/3.5-4.5
      • [KIT Lens] Zuiko Digital 14-45mm/3.5-5.6
Other equipement:
I try to update my equipment with new hardware whenever possible. These are devices, lenses and filters I purchased through years as addition to my regular equipment.

  • Four Thirds Lens Adapter to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter:
    • Olympus MMF-2
      I received this adapter as a free bonus gift from the shop to the purchase of KIT with E-M5 (OM-D) camera. Existence of this adapter was one of the main reasons why I finally decided to purchase E-M5 (OM-D). And it was very good choice! This adapter allows me to use ANY of my old Zuiko Four Thirds lenses including Tele Converter 2,0x on my new Micro Four Thirds E-M5 (OM-D) mirroless camera system with absolute back compatibility!

  • Four Thirds Telephoto zoom lens:
    • Zuiko Digital ED 70-300mm/1:4.0-5.6 EZ-7030

  • Four Thirds Tele Converter 2,0x:
    • Olympus EC-20 Tele Converter 2,0x

  • Battery Grip:
    • Olympus HLD-6 Power Battery Holder for E-M5 (OM-D)
    • Innovative Olympus grip for E-M5 (OM-D) which consists of two pieces that can be used separately or matched together and used at once just as the user prefers! Olympus E-M5 (OM-D) camera is very slim (what is otherwise great) in its nature and this grip provides more holding space with additional customizable dials and functional buttons. Extra shutter release button is also available on this grip for more comfortable shooting. The lower horizontal grip features place for slotting additional Olympus BLN-1 battery for doubled battery life and longer shooting times. Only disadvantage of this grip is that the tripod screw is unfortunately not under the optical center of the lens. Otherwise it is great peace of additional equipment for E-M5 (OM-D)!

  • Tripod:
    • Velbon CX 540 Tripod

  • Extra battery:
    • Olympus BLN-1 Extra Spare Battery for E-M5 (OM-D)
      Extra spare battery of Olympus E-M5 (OM-D) (or for any camera) is always practical thing. Olympus E-M5 (OM-D) is mirror-less camera which means it has electric viewfinder and thus also greater demands on power consumption than DSLR cameras such as Olympus E-500. Manufacturer states that E-M5 (OM-D) is able to record about 320 images (according to the CIPA test standard) per one fully charged Olympus BLN-1 battery. I am happy to say that in reality the number is actually much higher for me. My personal experience tells me that one fully charged Olympus BLN-1 battery is usually able to record about 450 photos and about 100 short (10~30 sec.) Full-HD stock videos for one shooting session with Olympus E-M5 (OM-D). That is very nice surprise, because it is much higher number than I initially expected! Of course it will surely vary greatly from user to user or from usage conditions to usage conditions, but the overall duration of BLN-1 battery with Olympus E-M5 (OM-D) is great! But as I mentioned above there is never enough of extra spare batteries especially when shooting in exteriors. Because as experience tells usually the most interesting photographic opportunities start to happen when the battery runs out of power. So it is good to be prepared in advance. ;-)

  • Filters and various equipment:
    • Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm
    • TIFFEN Circular Polarizer Filter 52mm
    • Hama Macro Lens / Close-Up Filter +10 dioptr.: 6-7cm 58mm

  • Wireless Remote Control and Automatic Timelapse Timer:
    • Pixel TW-282
      Great wireless (80m / 263ft) device that features LCD with many functions. Single, multiple shots, bulb, delay and timer. Timer planning mode can be set as low as 0 (sec), or even up to 99 (hours), 59 (minutes), 59 (seconds) of delay between every shot. Number of shots can be limited to specific number or set to infinite. It is possible to use shutter button on this remote device to focus camera wirelessly and thus to take photos from great distance without touching camera or tripod. This is especially useful for wildlife close-ups, macro or any type of shooting where shake of camera or physical presence of the photographer is undesirable.
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