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This afternoon, during resting on the bench in our garden, I suddenly saw something in the distance, moving the tops of the grass very slowly. I came closer, naturally very curious what kind of animal it might be and I saw that it...
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Last week I happened to be in a historical town of Bardejov located in the Saris region, north-eastern Slovakia. It is a well-preserved medieval town and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Very fortunately, it was a relatively ...
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Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the open-air archeological museum (archeoskansen) of Havranok, which is situated a top of the hill of the same name; above the Liptovska Mara, between the towns of Ruzomberok and Liptovsky Mik...
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This is directly interconnected with the previous article where I mentioned the need for many language versions. This little secret is actually no big thing, but webmasters, especially native English webmasters, tend to greatly un...
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The 3 most important tips every website developer should consider when thinking about setting of personal portfolio website that will be aimed at showcasing of any type of virtual goods, such as stock photograhy, stock graphics, o...
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I wonder if you have ever thought about selling your photos to stock agencies? No? That's a pity because it's a highly interesting experience! I don't mean this only because of the money. To be honest only real top sellers, photog...
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I am in the process of developing my own personal portfolio website(s) aimed at direct promotion of my stock portfolios to possible image buyers. I decided to mention it here to help other people with crucial aspects that need to ...
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