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This photo presents beautiful birds sitting on a tree and taking the scrumptious bites of apples. Seeing this view of birds eating apples, you might have guessed what these birds are. Yes, these are mind-blowing Cedar Waxwings. These are small birds that are usually 7 inches long, that is just the size equivalent to a fork. With a beautiful and small feathered crest over the heads and a white lined black mask over their faces make them really stunning that one will be compelled to appreciate the nature. They have feathers colored with gray and brown colors and have a yellow color at the bottom of their tails. There are two different colors for the bellies. In young Cedar Waxwings, there is a gray color on their bellies while the grown-up ones have yellow streaks on their bellies. Their white-lined black masks make them more attractive and distinctive among all birds. Cedar Waxwings are named so, because of the several red colored tips, found in their wings. These birds are the true lovers of trees and shrubs. Therefore, you will find them in the forests, parks, fruit trees. In fact every place where there are trees and bushes filled with fruits, they would love to stay there. They love to have small fruits and berries. Apple as shown in the image is their favorite food. And Cedar Waxwings are famous for getting survived on fruits alone for several months. An interesting fact is that the fermented berries when consumed by Cedar Waxwings, they get drunk. These are the birds which are truly social and prefer eating food in the groups. The most interesting fact is that they eat in shifts. One group comes and takes food, then another one takes its turn and so on. This makes them really different from other birds and they are considered more disciplined and cultured.

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