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Wild pigs or wild boars belong to the family of Suidae and they fall under the genus Sus. Boars are considered as the wild ancestors of pigs. Wild boars are native to Asia, Mediterranean regions and some parts of Europe. Wild boars are also known as wild hogs. In America they are known as bush pigs, razorbacks and European boars. These animals have large heads and short legs. Their skin is covered with stiff bristles and fur. They are either dark grey or blackish brown in color. However, in Asia there are many light-skinned boars too. In cold climates their fur becomes denser. Wild pigs look quite different from domestic pigs. Male boars usually roam alone but females (sows) travel in groups because they need protection for their offspring. The female boars also construct nests before giving birth to babies. A group of boars are known as Sounders. Their group may consist of 30 to 40 boars and most of the matured ones are usually females. Wild boars are omnivorous in nature. They eat just about anything they get. They are known to feed on grass, carrion, berries, nuts, tubers, roots, reptiles and insects. In certain parts like Australia wild boars prey on animals like lambs and deer. In case of danger wild boars behave in different ways. Females usually attack their enemies and end up biting the opponents. On the contrary, males often attack with their tusks. Note that in case of females the tusks are not developed. During the mating season the male boars often compete with each other. They also indulge in fights in order to establish their dominance. Consequently, the strongest and the largest male boars get to mate with more number of female partners or sows.

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