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A summer close-up view of a lovely colorful grasshopper sitting on a leaf. Grasshoppers are from a large family of flying insects and basically there are two kinds of grasshoppers that one can see. One is the short-horned grasshopper, while the other one is the long-horned grasshopper. These horns correspond to the grasshopper’s body part. Actually as depicted in the image as well, the grasshopper’s little body consists of three main parts, including the head, thorax and the abdomen. The two feelers growing from the head of a grasshopper are known as the antennas or horns. On the basis of these antennas, the classification is done as mentioned earlier. Grasshoppers can be easily found almost in all parts of the world, except the regions that are intense in cold. They come in many sizes and are usually up to 5 inches in the length. Nature has blessed this little insect with a number of surprising features and characteristics. The grasshopper has five eyes with the help of which it can see in the back, front, and the sideways. And these are called compound eyes. Another interesting fact regarding grasshopper is that it has no ear but nature has facilitated this insect with hearing capability by providing an organ on its abdomen called as "Tympanal organ". Moreover, the grasshopper is amazing in its legs as well. Yes, it has six legs, and with the help of back legs it can hop and make music. While the front legs are used to eat and walk. As shown in the image a grasshopper sitting over a leaf, it is herbivore and it loves to eat plants only, but some of the long-horned grasshoppers also eat dead animals and other insects. Usually grasshoppers are green in color with which they are hidden easily in plants, but there are colorful grasshoppers also available as shown on this colorful grasshopper picture.

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