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This is a summer photo portraying a group of geese swimming in water. Trough in this photo it appears to be a calm lake; in fact it is a strong river Vah (Slovak: Váh; German: Waag; Hungarian: Vág; Polish: Wag), the longest river in Slovakia. All geese love to swim; they tend to like to settle in steady bodies of water and not water that runs too quickly. Geese are pleasant, calm animals that spend most of their time swimming in the water or on land looking for food. They flock together like a family; it is just common for them to do. There are many reasons as to why geese flock together; it actually benefits them in some ways. Firstly, it helps them to survive, and they can help each other out in this way. Foraging allows the geese to help each other out when it comes to them finding food. If one finds food they can share with each other. To feed in a group allows them to be more successful in finding food. Protection would be next on the list as to reasons why you see geese flocking together like you do in this picture. Being in a group, the geese will help each other spot predators if there is one lurking by. So with that being said, if they are flocking they are sort of forming a mob for their own protection. Another reason that geese flock just like many other different species is so that they can mate. For the most part, game birds flock; the males do this to show their courtship skills in order to attract a female goose who might want to mate. Geese flock with their families; it is a way to also keep up with their family, and they start off when they are young. So looking at this photo of the group of geese in the water, you should be able to determine that it could be one or more reasons that were mentioned above as to why they are flocking.

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Camera: Olympus E-500

Lens: Zuiko Digital 40-150mm/3.5-4.5

Lens hood: LH-61D

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