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This is the portrait of the beautiful white horse with the hazel eyes. White horses are naturally born in white color only and they remain so throughout their life span. Apart from hazel color they also have blue and brown eyes. Actually there are many breeds of white horses but the true breed is rarely found in nature. Those genuine white horses contain the white genes. Ironically most of the popular horses that are known as white are actually grey in their appearance. These grey horses have the sparkling white hair coats. True white horses have unpigmented skin while grey horses have the pigmented skin since birth. There are mainly two dominant categories of white horses where one being the Dominant white and another category is Sabino-white. Many mixed breeds have the partial effects of pigmentation which fades on the maturity. Unlike grey horses, the genuine white horses develop the white hairs along with white skin while the grey has only white hairs. Most of the people fail to differentiate this difference of color and these grey horses are commonly popular as being white horse. White horses are very frequently being used in Hollywood movies in different roles. Although real white horses have been used very few times, one such movie is "Silver". Another very popular category of horses is "Yukichan", which is a racing breed and it has also won the Kanto oaks race. One very famous short story is also being named after white horse which is famous as "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse". In various mythologies the white horses are being portrayed and mentioned. In one of the tradition it is being knows to be captured as being the scared animal. It also holds the sacred place in the literature of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. White horses are sometimes being portrayed as the carriers of patron saints in holy books of many religions.

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Lens hood: LH-61D

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