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The image shows a single goat standing in the farm yard. A white colored body with brown neck makes this goat look lovely. Goat is an animal that is found across the globe and has been a source of milk and meat. The adult male goats are known as bucks, while the adult females are does. The baby goats are known as kids. There are around 200 recognized breeds of goat around the world. Some of the famous breeds found in the United States include Alpine, Oberhasli, La Mancha, Saanen and Nubian. Depending upon the breed, the size of goat extremely varies. But it is generally estimated that female goats are 22-300 lbs, while the males have a variable weight of 27-380 lbs. But it is important to be mentioned that meat goats are heavier than the breed ones. Each breed of goat produces milk that is slightly different in taste. It is said that goat’s milk is indistinguishable from cow’s milk, but it is observed that goat produces milk that has a bit milder flavor. It is easy to digest goat’s milk as the fat molecules in it are five times smaller than that of cow’s milk. This makes the goat milk easy to be broken down in the stomach just in 20 minutes after consumption. While the cow’s milk takes an hour to break down. Goats are ruminants, means have four digestive compartments and they are closely related to sheep, cows and bison. The mountain rock goat is not a true goat. In fact it is more like a sheep. Goats are famous for their rectangular eyes; this enables them for a robust night vision. Another interesting fact related to goats is that they are good swimmers. They have no front teeth rather a hard gum pad is present instead of teeth. Cashmere, a highly soft wool that is used in garments is obtained from the Cashmere goats.

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