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Pigeons are a highly charming type of birds that are well known for their homing and racing nature. Pigeons have coexisted with mankind since the beginning of time. In the ancient times pigeons were often used as messengers. A note or strip of parchment was tied to the neck or leg of the bird and it was released to fly towards its destination. In the first and second World Wars, pigeons were extensively used to send messages about sinking warships. These pigeons carried messages about the location of various warships, and as a result rescue teams were able to save thousands of lives. Pigeons are quite different from other birds. They live in large groups and they are not afraid of humans. Pigeons can be found in residential areas that are strewn with trees and gardens. The photograph shows a typical gesture of pigeons wherein they bathe themselves in order to control their body’s temperature. Pigeons bath in shallow waters. They wet their feathers until their body temperature gets normalized. People who domesticate pigeons often provide water in shallow trays for these birds to cleanse themselves. Pigeons require regular cleansing in order to keep their feathers neat and tidy. However, too much of bathing can make their feathers look dry. Their feathers contain natural oils and too much of washing can lead to loss of these essential oils. This may also cause the feathers to wither away. For this reason people who breed pigeons for showing off often restrict their pigeons from frequent bathing. Pigeons can be easily befriended by humans if they are offered some food on a regular basis. Pigeons love to feed on seeds, nuts and grains. Along with food pigeons also need water. Although pigeons consume little water, they love to splash around and play with their wet feathers.

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