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Horses belong to the family of Equidae and their domestication by humans has been traced back to 4000 BC. Allmost all the varieties of horses are domesticated by men, but there is one subspecies called Przewalski's horses that are classified as wild horses. This is an endangered species and by all means they belong to the wild. Horses are considered as a symbol of strength and speed. Horses have a strong anatomy which is perfect for their fast-paced movements. They have a strong sense of balance and their musculoskeletal structures are highly developed. A strange fact about horses is that they can sleep when they are standing. This is a peculiar ability which allows them to rest without lying down. A baby horse is known as a foal. A newborn horse begins to walk and run immediately after its birth. Horses are trained when they reach the age of 2 to 3. A young horse takes 5 years to become a fully developed adult. The average lifespan of a horse is around 25 to 30 years. From ancient times horses are used as a means of transport by humans. In every civilization horse is a common animal that has been extensively used for travelling. Horses also played a key role in wars and battles where soldiers used to ride on horsebacks. The strength and speed delivered by a horse made it a perfect animal for all sorts of tough chores. From ancient times horses have also played an important role in sports and entertainment. In several parts of Europe and Asia horses were used for conducting races and similar games. Even today horses are used in circuses and certain sports activities. The interaction between horses and humans has been quite interesting. Horses are loyal to their masters and they share a special bond with their owners and caretakers.

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