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A summertime view of the Orava castle set far back in the distance. This castle is known to be one of the largest and most beautiful castles located in Slovakia. It is situated in the northern region of Orava, on an elevated rocky formation called "castle cliff". Indeed this castle is one that is quite impressive and there is a lot of history that occurred in and around the castle. The Orava castle consists of several partially independent buildings and constructions. The rock that it sits on is the foundation of it which determined the castle's floor plan. During the year of 1556 the castle was reconstructed by the Thurzo's family, and it kept the design that it had until the year of 1611. Last owner from this family was Erzsébet Czobor, widow of György Thurzó. When she died, the castle became the property of Thurzó's daughters, who given its administration to the hands of an elected administrator. After that only a few people stayed at the castle and many parts were left uninhabited. Due to changes in society, Orava castle gradually lost its strategic importance. Finally its fate was sealed after it was burned down by huge fire in 1800. Then castle was left in ruins, with only a few minor reconstruction works done to save roofs, however most parts of the castle were not reconstructed until 1861. There were various attempts to save the castle throughout the years, but only after the Second World War, it was complexly reconstructed and finally saved to what can be seen now. The Orava castle consists of an Upper, Middle, and Lower sections with various mysterious palaces, including a dungeon. When tourists come to visit the castle they enter through three different gates, which lead through a tunnel to the Lower castle. It is simply very exciting place to visit; even for those that know little about the castle or the history of it. Taking a tour throughout the castle, visitors will learn more about it and about certain events that took place in the castle. There are also various different expositions within the Orava castle. The upper section of the castle; Romanesque citadel is the oldest part where museum is located. It offers great opportunity for tourists to explore much of the ancient history of this area. On the bottom floors of the castle there are exhibitions where tourists can learn more about flora and fauna of Orava region.

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