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Evening view of the mountains mirrored in the waters of Liptovská Mara dam during late summer day. Dominant hills calmly reflected on the water surface are from left to right, Pravnáč, Lomné (Lômy), rocky formed reef Čerenová, on the rightmost side is visible Prosiecka Valley. This image was taken near small village Bobrovník located just a few kilometers northwest of the city Liptovský Mikuláš. This area is located in scenery of Choč Mountains in Liptovský region, northern Slovakia. Liptovská Mara is increasingly becoming popular holiday destination for local as well as foreign tourists. Possibilities of recreational enjoyment in the area surrounding Liptovská Mara dam are extended by the great amount of cottages, family pensions, restaurants, and hotels. Nearby Liptovská Mary dam are also available thermal pools and modern aqua-park.

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Camera: Olympus E-500

Lens: Zuiko Digital 14-45mm/3.5-5.6

Filter: Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

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