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What exactly is energy efficiency? To answer the question, it is the efforts and the goals that are made up to reserve energy. When we use less of something then were are saving energy. This is mostly looked upon in the case of electricity. For several years now people have been looking for different ways to reserve energy, and they have been successful. Some of the ways that energy is reserved are by using the new spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lights, as well as the wind turbines which are giant windmill-like structures. The wind turbines work by using the wind in certain areas for the purpose of generating electricity. However there are only some places that are able to use this energy saving technique since they are areas that have higher winds than other locations. Energy efficient electric vehicles are now being used as well to reserve our natural resource, oil. Fuel seems to be one of the main types of energy resources that people try to reserve, because so many people are driving their cars and using this resource that there is now a shortage of it; not only that, but it pollutes the air. In this illustration you will see here the picture of a car that is surrounded by different colored squares. These squares represent different energy efficiency levels. The most inner color, which is dark green, represents the more energy efficient, while as the colors extend out, they represent less energy efficient. So the color red would be the least energy efficient. The expanding of the colors in this illustration represents more energy being used up. There are many people that are starting to “go green,” and in this attempt they try to stay in the green zone so that less of our resources are being used, and we doing less damage to the world around us.

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