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View of the Budatin Castle hidden behind stone fortification wall during a clear day of spring with soft white clouds hovering over a blue sky. In front of the castle is a shaded grass area with three trees of various heights and massive fortification wall that surrounds the whole castle. The Budatin Castle was built towards the middle of the 13th century. It was built very near to the confluence of Kysuca and Vah rivers, the location where tolls were collected. This castle was originally built as a fortress for protection against possible attacks. Later it was passed down to Matthew Csak (Slovak: Matúš Čák III, Hungarian: Csák (III) Máté) and it became a palace home. In 1487 Gaspar Sunog (Slovak: Gašpar Suňog, Hungarian:Gáspár Szunyogh) took over ownership of the castle where he and his family lived in it until the start of the 19th century. Renovations had been done to the castle in the 16th century giving it a Renaissance look. At the beginning of the 18th century the Sunogs (Slovak: Suňogovci, Hungarian: Szunyogh) were forced to further fortify the castle when there was a Turkish threat that took place on the south of the country. In 1798, John Sunog the last male descendant of Sunog family died and the Budatin castle remained in held of his daughter Josephine who married Anton Csaky (Slovak: Čáky, Hungarian: Csáky). When the Revolution wars of 1848 and 1849 occurred, the castle was badly damaged but it was later repaired in 1870. Until 1945 this castle remained in held of Csaky family that lived there. Today, the castle houses various exhibitions of the Povazie museum (Slovak: Považské múzeum). Budatin Castle is located near Zilina town, northern Slovakia and it is definitely wort a visit.

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