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At the bottom of a hillside, standing behind some bare trees covered with snow, stands the majestic Orava castle. Just imagine if you were there, on the chilly afternoon when this photo was taken. You might be cold and all bundled up in snow weather gear, but the sight of this castle would still be something that is rather breathtaking. Although there has not been one storm strong enough to tear this castle down, it was rebuilt in the past due to a fire that unfortunately happened to it in the 18th century. However luckily it was completely renovated and archeologically preserved in the 20th century, so this castle still stands strong with a story of history to tell to those who are fascinated by it. The castle alone stands on a rock that is 112 meters (367 feet) high up on a hill. During the year of 1241, the Hungarian king by the name of King Bela IV took reign of the castle. During that time, there was only an upper level of the castle, called the Upper castle, located on top of the "castle cliff", as well as same parts of Middle castle which buildings were made of the wood. The purpose of the Orava castle at this time was for the protection of important trades that took place between the the Kingdom of Hungary and the Poland. A link in the main fortress of the castle was also built for the purpose protecting the northern border of kingdom. Every so often the castle was also used for administrative meetings. Many of the mentions of the castle dated back to 1267.

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