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Cats belong to the popular Felidae family which is well known for its hunting skills. Cats are often domesticated by humans and cats bred in homes are popularly known as housecats. Unlike domesticated dogs, cats love to roam freely and they do not require a separate house. They sneak around silently without making much noise. Cats prey on pests like cockroaches, lizards, rats and frogs. They are quite skilled in catching fast-paced pests like rats and they have sharp claws with which they conquer their prey. Baby cats are called as kittens and they are quite lovable in nature. They like to play around with other cats and humans that surround them. Kittens have a playful and friendly nature and they often show their hunting skills while wrestling with their siblings. Newborn kittens stay close to their mother for about 2 to 3 weeks. Once they start to grow, they try to familiarize with the surroundings and they start exploring their habitat. Cats have strong eyesight and they can see things clearly even if it is dark. They also have a strong sense of smell which enables them to track down their prey or search for foodstuffs. Basically, cats enjoy eating stuffs like fish, meat, eggs and milk. They also feed on vegetarian foods and most of the housecats live on a mixed diet. Cats may not behave friendly with other pets like birds and fishes. Birds like parrot are often scared of cats. However, certain well-trained cats stay away from other pets and they do not bother to disturb anyone. Certain housecats are quite homely and they love to spend their time indoors. However, most of the cats sneak out and try to befriend other stray cats. This is quite natural and you cannot help it. However, you can influence them by staying more close to them. Cats and kittens like being pampered and cared for and if you try to be more loving they would definitely become more homely.

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Lens hood: LH-61D

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