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Echinacea purpurea is a flowering plant that belongs to the popular plant family called Asteraceae. This flower is popularly known as purple coneflower. It is a flower that grows in the wild. Its petals are tilted downwards and this gives the flower a conical shape. They are usually purple in color but sometimes there might be variations in the hue. Echinacea purpurea plant originally belongs to eastern North America. It also grows in the wilderness of southeastern, eastern and Midwest parts of US. This perennial flowering plant grows to a height of 47 inches and spreads around 10 inches in width. The flowering period largely depends on the climate. However, it generally blooms during the spring season and continues to bloom until late summer. These flowers are hermaphroditic. This means they have both female and male reproductive organs in them. The pollination occurs through bees and butterflies. The plant grows across prairies and dry woods. You can even find them on cultivated beds. They are more likely to grow well on well-drained and sandy soils. However, the pH level of the soil doesn’t play a big role in their growth and development. The plant is considered as an ornamental plant but they cannot survive in shady environments. Nevertheless, the plant can grow on moist as well as dry soils. Once the plant becomes mature it doesn’t require much water to grow. You can grow it in your garden or lawn and as long as it receives good sunlight you don’t have to worry about its survival. It doesn’t require much water or any kind of manure or fertilizer. However, you should check your garden or lawn for the presence of pests like slugs. Purple coneflower is quite prone to slug attacks and if you are careless about slugs they would eat away the entire plant.

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