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This photo depicts a scene of two ducks in the lake. Ducks are the aquatic birds that are closely related to goose and swans. But contrary to their kinds, these are the birds having shorter necks with stout bodies. Duck is a bird that is admired and loved by everyone. The nature has blessed this bird with numerous amazing features. You will be surprised knowing those fun facts about ducks. Ducks are also known as 'waterfowls' and found in salt and fresh water as well as on grasslands. There are many kinds of ducks including sea, river, dabbling and diving ducks. You can see these ducks swimming in flocks in waters with their webbed feet. Yes, a duck never walks but waddles just because of the paddle like webbed feet. With such feet, it can swim fast. Similarly, this bird has feet that lack the nerves or blood vessels, thus making them unable to feel cold. Therefore, they can easily swim in frozen water. A grown-up duck has an average weight of 8 lbs with 16-20 inches length. They have a life span of 2-20 years. The adult male ducks are known as drakes, while females are hen and baby ducks are the ducklings. A female duck has an orange beak with dull brown feathers, while the drakes have yellow wide beak along with exotic green plumage. With this green plumage, the female ducks are attracted towards drakes. During the molting period, the ducks start losing their huge wings of feathers and then eventually become flightless for a period of 18-37 days. Ducks consume insects, fish, worms, small amphibians, tree leaves and sometimes fruits, seeds as well. Another amazing fact regarding ducks is their waterproof feathers. Naturally, there is an oil producing gland called as 'Preen Gland' around their tails that spreads a waxy coating on each feather making it water-proof. Hens (female ducks) usually can nest in the season of late summer to the early winters. They nest on ground near a lake or water reservoirs on grass and reeds. At once, they hatch 8-10 light green eggs in a clutch. If the nest is destroyed, they can lay more eggs in the same season.

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