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A view of absolutely unique water-powered sawmill located in the Kvacianska Valley natural formation in the Chocky hills part of the National Nature Reserve in northern Slovakia. This preserved wooden building sits in the middle of a quiet deep valley with green coniferous trees and steep rocky mountain walls in the background. It is one of the two water sawmills located in the area of the Kvacianska Valley called Oblazy. Building of sawmill that can be seen on this photo is located in lower part of the valley and is called the Lower mill or the Brunciakovsky sawmill. In the front of the sawmill calmly runs crystal clear stream that is formed at confluence of Hutianka and Borovianka brooks. The Brunciakovsky sawmill was build at the national park Oblazy at the end of the 19th century. It was first owned by Velke Borove village until Frantisek Brunciak bought it in 1931. Sawmill prospered and was partially used even after World War II but than was forced to be closed by state. Its last owner Frantisek Brunciak who was forced to abandon it in 1955 completely disabled most of the hardware parts and saw machine itself before he left. After that sawmill remained in ruins. However thanks to members of the Slovak Union of Nature and Landscape Protectors (SZOPK) the Brunciakovsky sawmill is now in very good shape and fully functional again. The entire sawmill is based on top of a stone masonry above the water stream and it is operated as many of the sawmills were during their time; with a wheel driven by the force of the water. There is even electrical dynamo attached to the wheel producing electrical energy for needs of this building. The Brunciakovsky sawmill is opened for tourists and it is definitely wort a visit especially during summer hiking.

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