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Geese are a breed of animals that are considered to belong to the Antidae family, as well as the Genus Anser family. These animals were domesticated 3,000 years ago and are found all over the world. They easily adapt to warm climate weather conditions as long as there is also enough shade in that particular region for them to be comfortable and stay cool. Geese are also able to adapt well to the colder climates with little shelter. Although they can adapt very well in cold or warm climates of certain temperatures, they are not as important when it comes to commercial production in the Europe and Asian continents. Geese come in a variety of colors. By looking at this photo you can see that a majority of the geese that are pictured are either mostly with a little bit of black and gray feathering. The goose towards the front is mostly gray and black. They also come in many different sizes and shapes. The domestic geese are often larger than the wild geese from many years ago. As far as domestic geese and their existence, there are two types. The first types, which are known as the Greylag, originate from Europe. The second type of geese is the Swan goose, which is also known as Anser cygnoides. Both of these breeds have in fact cross bred, and this is where the current wild geese have developed that we recognize today. Since many centuries have passed, across all of the continents there have been many different breeds of geese that have developed. With that being said, the gene pool for geese is quite large. Over 96 different genetics for geese have been discovered over the years by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). There are more breeds still being discovered throughout the years that pass.

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