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All cat lovers and owners of cats know just how much cats love to climb; especially kittens. Kittens like the one pictured are very curious creatures and whether they are indoors or outdoors they love to be able to climb around and explore their surroundings. There isn’t one type of cat that doesn’t like to climb; they all do! As they age they might not do it as much though. Lions even belong to the cat species and they climb large trees that are able to hold their weight. While cats have more freedom when it comes to climbing outdoors, there are limits the most indoor cat owners have. You first have to know what your cat likes and what your cat’s favorite spot is in your home to climb. Cats have the ability to climb to get to safety from predators, but when they are indoors they just love to climb to have their own space and because they like to be up high. With that being said, it would be a great idea for you to invest in buying your cat a cat tree. Cat trees come in all different sizes, variations, shapes etc. You will see your cat’s climbing instincts come out automatically when you purchase a cat tree for him/her. It would be a wise idea to invest in a cat tree that has a hammock at the top of it where you cat can lounge and take naps. This way your cat will feel safe and will have a comfortable private place to relax. Cats also climb trees to get to prey, such as birds, and squirrels. It is not always easy for them to escape a predator. Cat are sneaky animals and they are fast and quick when it comes to climbing trees to reach a mammal or bird of interest.

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Lens hood: LH-61D

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