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Wheat is one of the most important foods in the world. It is grouped in the same family as grass and it looks like the grass in your front yard when it first starts out growing. Wheat is grown in various different parts of the world, and each year there are over 20 billion bushels of it grown. The places in the world that grow the most wheat include United States, India, Russia, China, France and Canada. There are two different types of wheat that are grown; winter and spring wheat. Winter wheat is grown during the months of fall right before the winter months hit. The spring wheat is planted during the cold weather and it is harvested in the summer. Three different kinds of wheat are processed; they are grown in different areas of the world. First kind is common wheat which consists of white, purple, blue, red or brown seeds and it is commonly grown in the United States and in Canada throughout various prairies. Club wheat has seeds that are either white or red and it is grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Third kind of wheat is Durum wheat. You will find Durum wheat in the colors purple, red, white, and brown. This type of wheat is what is used to manufacture pasta. It is grown in Southern Canada, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Dry climate is the best type of climate for growing wheat. If it is too hot or too cold outside the wheat will not grow properly. Fertilizer is added to the harvesting grounds where the wheat needs to grow if the soil does not have what is needed for the proper growth. Wheat grows in huge harvest fields with plenty of open space. Just like in the photo, there are usually some beautiful backgrounds with clouds or even the sun setting. You usually don’t see trees or anything else for a mile or two away from wheat fields.

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