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This is Orava Castle (Slovak: Oravský hrad, German: Arwaburg, Hungarian: Árva vára) being viewed from a more downward angle on a clear summer day. You can see from this photo just how high up the rooftops of the Orava Castle are. The highest levels of the floors in certain parts of the castle can be seen amongst the green trees as well. The Orava castle was constructed in the 13th century and it is considered to be one of the most interesting castles located in Slovakia. It is also popular location for move makers from all over the world. Many scenes of the world famous 1922 film Nosferatu were filmed inside this castle. The natural formation were this castle is located is known as “castle cliff”. It is massive rocky hill which is about 112 meters (367 feet) high at its highest point. The Orava Castle was built above the river of same name that which flows beneath the castle, the Orava River. Unique natural location where the castle is build has been inhabited since the primeval ages. The very first written documents of the Orava Castle date all the way back to 1267. During this time only the ground floor of the castle was built out of stone, while the second floors were made from wood. Even after many centuries this section of the castle is still partially visible. It is the Romanesque citadel highest and oldest part of the Orava Castle which was built on the foundations of older fortification. In 14th century the Orava Castle became; as part of the Hungarian Kingdom, the center of Orava (Hungrian: Árva) country. Main strategic function of the castle was a guardian fortification on the road to Poland. Nowadays, there is the Orava Museum (Slovak: Oravské múzeum) located inside the rooms of this castle. Most attractive expositions include the Castle Chapel, the Knights' Room, the Weapon room, and the scientific, ethnographic and archaeological collections. Many rooms of the Orava Castle feature old-style furnishings and accessories. This castle is located in Oravsky Podzamok (Slovak: Oravský Podzámok) town, Orava region, northern Slovakia. It is popular destination for tourists from all over Europe and the world as well.

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