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This picture portraits a lonely tree in an autumnal meadow with blue skies in the backdrop. It is a peaceful sight for most of us but it also invokes a feeling of solitude. Nature always reflects the feelings of the beholder. If you are happy then nature can make you happier and if you are sad it can make you sadder. In both the cases, natural sights have the potential to calm a distressed and disturbed mind. The sight of a clear blue sky can be a sign that says, "Things are going to clear up, no matter what." It can also be a sign of how lonely and left out a person feels. Nature has so many sides to it and the meanings we interpret depend on the way we feel and think about the world around us. Meadows are always a great place to spend time when you are feeling blue. When you are surrounded by nature you would feel one with the nature. And this feeling helps in dispelling all the fears and anxieties you get from your usual surroundings. The calmness one experiences in such a place can be quite precious and it gives the feeling that time has stopped for some time. Trees have a great place in nature and without these trees everything remains incomplete. Sitting in the shade of a tree and listening to the music of birds chirping and flapping their wings can take you to a different world. Nature indeed has the power to heal all injuries and help a person in conversing with his inner self. This is the reason why we are told to preserve our natural surroundings, forests and trees. Man is a part of nature and he is incomplete without all the beautiful things that nature has gifted the world.

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Camera: Olympus E-500

Lens: Zuiko Digital 40-150mm/3.5-4.5

Filter: Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

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