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You will commonly spot a pigeon in a variety of places all across the world. For the most part pigeons are located in cities where the public ad streets are crowded with people. They often live off of the food that people throw out on the streets. In a parks, people like to offer pigeons bird seeds; you have probably seen this happen at one point in time or another when you are in the city or if you live in the city. The type of pigeon that you will typically see roaming around is one that is a bluish gray in color with some hints of white on the feathers and spots on the back wings. Some pigeons are a plain white in color with spots on their feathers and you might spot those that are a reddish color. In the early 1600s is when pigeons were first spotted in North America when they had migrated over from Europe. Pigeons that are known as city pigeons like to nest on the top of buildings, much like the one you see on the top of the roof in this photo. They are generally quiet and you might not notice they are there, but they will make a unique cooing sound if there is another pigeon nearby or if they are calling another pigeon. In the country, pigeons can be found nesting on the top of barn roofs, or on the ledges of windows. If they are commonly near your home you will want to watch out for their droppings and clean around your window sills regularly to keep it from building up. They like nesting near grain towers as well because that is where they can easily feed. Pigeons love to gather together in flocks, and they like to run or walk about in whatever area they are in. You will often see them pecking the ground for food.

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Camera: Olympus E-500

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Filter: Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

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