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Clouds have been forming since the beginning of the ages of the world. Clouds are a part of what is called the hydrological cycle. During the day there is lots of water that is evaporated in the air by the sun. This water that rises is turned into vapor is created by billons of tons each year. Do you ever notice the different shapes of the clouds? Most people have at some point in time during their lives. The shapes of the clouds have to do with the air and the current temperature. In this photo you will notice that the clouds have fluffy, whipped look. Something that you will be able to determine as well by looking at the clouds is the direction at which the wind is going, and the speed of the wind. The clouds make it easier for the weather to be correctly forecasted. Clouds as seen on this photo are basically accumulated drops of water and ice crystals that are formed when the temperature is cooler; the particles of water freeze. These clouds form in the sky when the vapor that is in the air condensates. As the air is humid, it rises from the surface of the Earth. This happens near mountain ranges when the pressure of the air is lower. It also happens when the surface of land is heated up by the sun. Warm air becomes lighter in weight and it rises to high altitudes. The pressure of the decreases at it rises. At this point the air that has risen expands. When it begins the process of expanding, the temperature drops to about 0.6 degrees Celsius; this happens for every 100 meters that rises. As the droplets rise higher, and get cooler they turn into condensation.

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Camera: Olympus E-500

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Filter: Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

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