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Jun 2013


I wonder if you have ever thought about selling your photos to stock agencies? No? That's a pity because it's a highly interesting experience! I don't mean this only because of the money. To be honest only real top sellers, photographers with wide diversity of top wanted subjects, or specific niche images can make a living out of stock photography. But money isn't everything. One can learn a lot of things about the photography business as whole through submitting photos to micro stock agencies!

You are enthusiast photographer like me? No problem! Everyone can try it!

For you as an hobbyist photographer who maybe wants to try how it feels to build own photography business, submitting to stock agencies is a really interesting chance and one new possible way to try to bring your photography to the next level.

My personal experience and opinion on the stock photography.

I definitely recommend it! I am just enthusiast photographer, photographing landscapes, natural scenes or wild and domestic animals in my spare time. Architecture and cultural heritage pictures such as pictures of castles, historical towns or outdoor museums are my passion too. I am far from typical stock photographer, but I have been submitting my photos to stock agencies for years anyway. Although I still feel like an hobbyist photographer, submitting and selling through stock agencies has been a really interesting experience for me since the beginning. I learned a lot of about photography business through active participation on this stock imagery field. Especially a lot of about the technical requirements, rules behind stock and general photography also many things about photography licenses, legal stuff, model releases, property releases and other knowledge that is important in stock photography business.

Which stock agency do I recommend as the best?

There are tons of stock agencies out there. Some are successful in terms of sales and some are less successful. Over the years I tried and tested several of them. But I believe that at the beginning it doesn't make sense to give you too many links at once. It will be much better for you if you will try focus only on one agency now. Simply to test the waters and then when you will become a little bit familiar with stock business it will be much easier for you to try also other stock agencies. So what about Dreamstime? It was exactly Dreamstime where I first started to submit my photos years ago. This agency is one of the top 4 agencies in the world's micro stock ranking and definitely must try agency, both for good regular sales it brings as well as because it is truly friendly community what is good for beginning stock photographer.

The most interesting and motivating thing about stock photography for me.

The most interesting thing, maybe even more interesting than earning money, is that various companies have bought my photos and used them on large amount of their projects! I have found my photos printed on flyers, on pages of newspapers, magazines, or covers of books and various school textbooks. Even on global state TV where my Slovak mountain photography was displayed as a static background for the winter weather forecast for more than 2 years every winter. This was on every hour basis and thus it was viewed by millions of people every day. Now that is really something! It was a great feeling for hobbyist like me!

What does it take?

Some time and effort. Nothing more. If you will not miss any of those you can try it right away. Every stock agency employs a group of highly skilled editors. People with years of professional experience in a field of photography will review every photo submitted to their agency. But this is nothing to be worried about. Reviewing tens of thousands of photos is their job. Don’t hesitate and just try it! If the photo you submit is not good enough, they will simply reject it and not accept it for sale. There is no reason to hesitate or to be shy! But, what is most important, photo editors will always give you the exact reasons why your photo was rejected. It means that you will receive professional tips for free! That is very informative! It will help you correct your mistakes and improve your skills.

Maybe it will be the first step to your success in photography business.

Maybe you have been wondering for a long time what it would be like to start your own photography business. You have a real chance now! The stock photography and stock agencies may be the right answer that you have been looking for. Surely noting is without hard work. But, if you will take time and seriously put yourself in to it, stock photography will bring you new opportunities and straighten your photographic skills! Don't wait and try it right now! What can you loose?

Golden rule to keep in mind. Don't give up too early!

If some of your photos will not be accepted for sale for the first time, don't worry about it. Rejections happen now and then even to the industry's most professional top stock photographers. Just follow reviewer's instructions, learn from your mistakes, carefully read submission guides and tutorials. Then with keeping quality in mind submit more and more quality photos!

Who knows, maybe stock photography will change your whole life! (Seriously)

Years ago I had absolutely no idea what stock photography, micro stock, or stock agencies were at all. It was just a lucky coincidence that one day I bumped into some article mentioning Dreamstime as a good place to stock sell photos. I was very hesitant about it at that time thinking that my photos are not good enough to participate on website where such a great photographers are. But I decided to try it! Now, when I look back at it I must admit that it was one of the best choices in my life! It changed my photography views completely, formed me as photographer and brought me opportunities which I didn't even know existed before. So I am sure that if you will not give up too early, stock photography will boost your photographic self-confidence in the long run and there is even a change that it will change your life. Maybe also your photos will be purchased and used on vast of projects worldwide. It will help you to see that even you can make money with your photography.

Don’t hesitate and enjoy all of the benefits! Good luck! :)

Above all else, enjoy the stock photo selling process as a unique chance for experience on photography field and participate on all benefits that go along with it. If you have not done it yet, register at Dreamstime, submit your stock pictures there enjoy new chance to grow as a photographer and expand your income with money from the sales of your own images.
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October 4, 2014 at 10:52 am
Hey boris ! I'm photographer as a hobey/ next summer I'd like to go with friends to slovakia. One of them is handycapt with wheelchair. My wish is to photograph nature, mostly lakes and waterfalls. from your expirience....can you tell me which slovekian waterfalls is easy to go wuthout need of climbing' long traking/ Thank you in addvance, YIGAL BETSER
October 6, 2014 at 09:22 am
Unfortunately, I am afraid that most natural beauties are not easily accessible using a wheelchair. Surely there are some natural attractions such as Strbske Pleso, the second largest tarn in High Tatras, that can be directly seen from the sidewalk surrounding it, but for many other destinations it won't be that easy. :(

I mean, for example High Tatra mountains can be surely visited even by handicapped person in a wheelchair, because there is a relatively good infrastructure with a lot of top quality hotels or restaurants, which feature barrier-free access; and, of course, a really beautiful sightseeings of High Tatras can be seen even from places nearby roads and sidewalks, but those true natural attractions can by reached only after hours of walking tourist-paths, usually deep in the forests. Naturally, those are far from being considered as a barrier-free access.

However, there are also a lot of non-natural or partially natural attractions in Slovakia that I definitely suggest you to visit, such as: historical UNESCO towns, open-air museums showcasing traditional lifestyle from past centuries (skansens) or even some castles that can be at least partially accessible using a wheelchair.

Also, I believe that even the Lomnicky Peak, one of the highest and most visited mountain peaks in the High Tatra mountains can be visited by a wheelchair, because there are cable-railways leading right to the top of it; but even after some time of Googling now, I am still unsure about whether is it actually possible. :/

Anyway, here are some skansens that are at least partially accessible using a wheelchair.

Great place to spend the night is this medieval castle, renovated to the top quality hotel:

There are also some expositions right in the castle showcasing its history. This castle is really a great place to visit, eat, drink and spent the night. ;)

If you like water, swimming and relax you may want to visit:

Is is the biggest aqua-park in central Europe with thermal water. Surely, it is not tourist attraction in terms of country's history, but anyway, you may enjoy it as a place to stop-by on your way.

Anyway, I suggest you to check this interactive map. There are really the best tourist-attractive places enlisted, basically places, which I would suggest you, thus if you choose from there you cannot go wrong. The only disadvantage of that map is that it doest sort destinations by barrier-free access. I realize it is a big problem in this specific case, but anyway that map and website is probably the best what you can find, when you are planing your trip(s).

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)

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