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Portfolio catalogue. Featured royalty-free stock photo of the day.

This photo catalogue represents a selection of my stock photos. I as an enthusiast photographer love to take photos of nature, animals, landscapes and architecture. I am not typical stock photographer, but nevertheless, I am a member of world's leading photography agencies, which successfully represent and market my works on a commercial basis for many years. I walk my own path in stock photography field and deep in my heart I still feel as an hobbyist, taking photos for pleasure mostly. But, naturally, the commercial success of my photography works was, and still is, really an interesting experience for me since the beginning. Worldwide clients usually use my photos for advertising brochures, flyers, book covers, illustrations, magazines and newspapers. Also, many of them used my photos as a framed pictures in their room or office, as well as a country specific representative images, such as photos of castles, cultural heritage, historical towns, outdoor museums, or local natural views.

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